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Parent meeting/spirit pack info

Posted Monday, December 07, 2009 by Martin Casas

Spirit Pack


1) Puma v5.08 Soccer Socks

Vertical Stripe front color blocking, Puma Cat Logo on front, Elasticated

brace for ankle support, cotton foot for comfort. 62% Polyester,

28% Cotton, 6% Elastane, 4% Nylon


MSRP $8.00


2) Two Game-day T-shirts (One blue, one green)

$ 15 each x 2 =  $30



3) Spirit pack total =  $38.00


Please take cash or check to the Eastlake ASB.  DO NOT TURN-IN ANY MONEY OR CHECKS TO ANY COACHES.  Make checks payable to “Eastlake Boys Soccer,” with a memo that says “spirit pack.”  Once you have paid, turn-in you receipt to coach Blas in room 806.  The FINAL DATE TO TURN-IN $ WILL BE JAN. 13TH.  If at least twenty players do not turn-in their money, then no spirit packs will be ordered.  Players that have already turned in their $ will be refunded by the ASB, not the coaches.





1) Puma bag: $30                                            2) Puma Konstrukt  Warm-up:  $79



1)      Introduction

2)      Player rules/expectations

3)      Parent rules/expectations

4)      Spirit pack

5)      Optional items

6)      Winter Break practice

7)      Website


1)      Introductions:


a)      Martin Casas (Varsity Head Coach)

b)      Leonel Ibarra (JV Head Coach)

c)      Robert Blas (Director of Soccer Operations)


2)      Player Rules/Expectations

a)      Be on time for practice.  Show up one-hour before start time on game-days.  If players do not train (with some exceptions), they will not start or play at all. 

b)      Absences: All “acceptable” reasons (i.e. serious illness, etc) will be verified at some point by a member of the coaching staff. If player is caught lying, he will be dismissed from the team.

c)      Not acceptable reasons for missing practice: VACATION!!, player does not feel like it, tired, no ride, etc.

d)      Protocol for missing practice: text coaches, or call coaches, or come by room 409 to notify me.  It is not acceptable to relay notification of practice to a teammate, or to simply not notify the coaching staff at all.

e)      Be respectful of coaching staff, teammates, referees, opponents and fans/parents in the stands.  No profanity/cursing during practice or games.

3)      Parent Rules/Expectations

a)      Parent behavior during matches is a major issue.  You are expected to be respectful of the coaching staff, ALL PLAYERS (this includes your child), referees, opponents and fans/parents in the stands.  It is common practice of high school referees’ to give coaches yellow/red cards for the behavior of parents in the stands.  If the latter happens, you will be banned from all home and away games for the season and your son will be pulled out of the game.

b)      All comments during the game should be positive and to motivate the players.  Please refrain from “coaching” during the game.  This is our job, not yours. Comments like “kick the ball” or “shoot” or any tactical comment(s) are not acceptable.

c)      Communication protocol:  Any questions about games/tactics will only be asked/answered one full day AFTER a match.  The coaches will not answer any questions prior to, during, or immediately after matches. Questions about playing time will simply not be answered.  Playing time will be awarded to players who show up to practice, give us the best chance to win, and that give us a tactical advantage.

4)      Spirit Pack (see details)

5)      Optional items (see items)

6)      Winter break practices

-         Varsity practices during break will be held from 8am-10am

-         JV practices will be held from 3:30-5:30pm

7)      Website


-         Check constantly for practice updates and game updates/





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